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Inspect your helmet before every use and be sure to follow our storing and cleaning instructions to maintain your helmet in good condition.

If you experience a fall and your helmet touched the ground, you should replace your helmet immediately. The helmet is designed for one-time impacts and, even though it might not show any visible signs of damage, it is no longer as protective.   If there is damage to the straps or fasteners it needs to be replaced.

Be sure to follow our storing and cleaning instructions to maintain your helmet in good condition.

Tipperary recommends you replace your helmet no later than five years from the date of purchase. Over time, the materials may degrade from use and body heat that may be unseen. Tipperary is always researching and introducing improvements. Helmet standards also change over time.

If your helmet starts to feel loose, it should be replaced.

Keep your helmet in the tack room or in your home. Do not store your helmet in direct sunlight or in any area where the temperature could exceed 130°F | 54°C or where it could freeze. Extreme temperatures will affect the shock-absorbing ability of the helmet.

Use a breathable bag to protect your helmet from scrapes and bumps, let it dry between uses, keep it clean and keep it out of he sun.

Do not expose or store your helmet, the liner or any of its components near common household cleaners, bug sprays or common cleaning solvents, paints, chemicals or fertilizers as this may result in unseen damage.

Do not modify your helmet by drilling or cutting holes, or applying decals, crystals or stickers other than those offered by Tipperary.

To maintain the integrity of your helmet, do not use chemicals or solvents as they can cause damage to the padding, the shell and its protective coatings.

Do not use the dishwasher!!


  • Prior to cleaning, remove any interior padding and the liner (if applicable)
  • Use a soft brush or compressed air to clean the mesh and air vents
  • Wash with a soft cloth and mild soap
  • Rinse with a clean cloth and clean water to remove any soapy residue
  • Let air dry

 Removable Padding and Liner

  • Hand wash the interior lining and pads with cold water and mild soap
  • Let air dry
  • Do not machine wash or dry clean