Product Certification

ASTM International (ASTM)

This organization is responsible for creating over 30,000+ standards for materials and products. Volunteer professionals in a variety of disciplines including biomechanics, medicine, material sciences, and quality maintain and review the standards twice annually and recommend modifications based on the latest in technological advancements.

Safety Equipment Institute (SEI)

SEI coordinates and administers product certification programs. They determine which standard is best for the product; audits the factory, manufacturing process and procedures; qualifies the testing laboratories; and conducts product checks throughout the year. SEI only grants certification to products that pass all of their stringent requirements.


All Tipperary helmets are SEI certified to the ASTM F1163 standard:


The following Tipperary vests are SEI certified:

  • Eventer Pro to the ASTM F1937 standard for horse sports and horseback riding.
  • Competitor to the ASTM F2681 standard for racing (eg. thoroughbred jockeys, standardbred drivers).

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